Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Seeking Interview Subjects for Spook Light Documentary

Dixie Films shooting a documentary film about the Joplin Spook Light.

Seeking all ages as local interview subjects.

Directed by Jack Truman

Do you have a spook light story? Have you lived in the 4 state area and know about it? Heard stories? Share your knowledge with the world!

Email us at

The Spook Light Documentary
Directed by Jack Truman
A Dixie Production

Monday, May 9, 2016

Now Casting for the Feature Film Comedy JUNK STORE

A Feature Film
Directed by Jack Truman

Dixie Films is seeking all ages and types for JUNK STORE, a feature film comedy about a Mother and Son's junk store in a small ghost town. A modern-day SANFORD AND SON meets CLERKS in Mayberry...with a twist.

Meals, copy and credit provided. There was possible deferred pay.

 From the award-winning Mother/Son filmmaking team of Jack Truman and Opal Dockery

Now Shooting in the Midwest

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THE SLUT: Female, 20-30


THE NOSY NEIGHBOR: Female, 30-50

FATSO: Extremely overweight, 25-50

THE MEXICAN: Male,30-50

THE LONELY GUY: Male, thin, 40-50

THE CRIPPLE: Wheelchair bound, 40-50

OLD FART: Male, 60-80

THE OLD HAG: Female, 60-80

SENIOR CITIZENS: All types, 50-70

THE BEAUTICIAN: Female, 30-50

THE BUM: Male, 30-50

THE DOPER: Male, 20-30

THE QUEER: Male, married, 40-55

THE QUEER'S WIFE: Female, 40-55

EXTRAS: All ages and types for locals

Email a current headshot/resume to