Saturday, February 11, 2012

Casting Call for THE WALKERS

THE WALKERS is a feature film thriller about a serial killer who works in a furniture store. Steve, a furniture salesman, is the low performer in the store, unable to make sales. Most of his customers are ‘walkers’; people who leave the store without buying any merchandise. Increasingly pressured by his boss, Jennifer, a ‘bitch on wheels’; constantly picked on by his co-workers, and harassed by his customers, his sales performance becomes worse. Suddenly, customers that have walked on Steve begin to become murdered. At the same time, Steve begins to become a star performer at the store. Throughout the film, the focus is on Steve as the killer; but nothing is as it seems.

Written and Directed by Jack Truman

From the award winning film team that brought you the hit cult short film PHONE SEX GRANDMA!


Shoot begins Summer 2012 in Los Angeles. Meals, copy and credit provided. There is deferred pay.

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Character Breakdown:
Ed: 25-35, Hispanic, the ultimate negative employee
Barry: 25-45, extremely obese
Max: 25-45, a nice guy, average salesperson, Steve’s best friend
Rob: 30-40, top dog salesperson
Eric: 20-30, Black, Super-salesman ‘wanna-be’
Jennifer: 25-55, Store Manager, a “Bitch on wheels”
Waitress: 35-45
Cop: 40-50
Jack: 30-45, local bartender
Businessman: 35-50, arrogant, rude
Fat Lady: 40-50, loud, nasty, the ultimate bad customer
2 Bar Groupies: Female, 20-25, Sexy
Store Customers: All ages and types