Thursday, December 13, 2012




Award-Winning Filmmaker to Launch New Book In Park City

Burbank, California – Anyone can make a movie. With no money. And be a well known filmmaker.

That's the premise of the new filmmaking book NO BUDGET FILMMAKING: Or How to be a Well Known Filmmaker and Be Broke at the Same Time, written by Jack Truman. Truman, an award-winning independent filmmaker, shares valuable tools, tips, and secrets of the industry trade in a book designed to help any aspiring moviemaker make their movie.

“It's not hard to make a movie. You just have to make your movie”, Truman stated in press materials. “Everyone has a story to tell. And there is an audience out there for your film. You just have to make it and get it out there. I wrote this book with the objective to help anyone make a movie with no money and become successful in the independent film world. I'm living proof it can be done. If I can do it, anyone can”.

An informative, alternative, out-of-the-box reference book for the film industry, NO BUDGET FILMMAKING covers a wide range of tips and tools: from proven filmmaking techniques, valuable industry resources, and more, this book guides the aspiring filmmaker from concept to distribution on the film festival circuit, and beyond. A must-have resource for anyone who needs help with making a low budget film on their own, NO BUDGET FILMMAKING is a breakthrough book for the next generation of filmmakers.

Author Jack Truman is an award-winning filmmaker and 25 year veteran of stage and film. A former professor at Texas A&M University, Truman has also appeared in several television series and major motion pictures. His film directorial debut, the award-winning hit cult short film PHONE SEX GRANDMA premiered at the 2006 Slamdance Film Festival. Combined, Truman's films have screened at over 300 film festivals worldwide to date. Jack was recently on the Short Film Jury at the 2012 Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

NO BUDGET FILMMAKING will be released in January at Park City in conjunction with the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Casting Call - THE PHONE ROOM GANG - Comedy Web Series!!!

Dixie Films is casting for THE PHONE ROOM GANG, a comedy/mockumentary/satire web series about a group of telemarketers who work in a phone room in Las Vegas. Jack Truman, Director. Shooting begins this fall in Nevada. Meals, copy and credit provided. There is deferred pay.

Email headshots/pics/resumes to


THE BOSS, loud, mean, rude, crude, aka the boss from hell

THE FOREIGNER, illegal immigrant, does not speak good English, new to America

THE BLACK GUY, likable, good worker, gets along with everyone, but knows how to have a good time

THE ASIAN, not likable, everything is about money, puts everyone down, it's all about the Asian

THE FAT GUY, extremely obese, nervous and bad on the phone, loves to eat, afraid to lose his job

THE TOP DOG, arrogant, positive, sure of himself, the ultimate star telemarketer who knows his ABC's of sales

THE NERD, awkward, nevous, shy, afraid of people, terrible on the phone

THE COLLEGE KID, college-aged male/female, works the phone room as a college job for extra money

THE RUNAWAY, teenager, ran away from home, and works illegally in the phone room

THE DOPER, a hippie, always high and stoned, is the drug resource at the phone room

THE SLUT, works at the phone room, uses her body to get what she wants

THE MOOCHER, a loser, always bums cigarettes, food and drink on the job

THE IDIOT, a slow-minded middle aged man, doesn't know much of what's going on, sounds terrible on the phone

Award Winning Short Film!
Featuring Opal Dockery
Directed by Jack Truman
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Casting for New Web Series

We're casting for 2 new web series: a cool comedy/drama set in Los Angeles, and a comedy set in Las Vegas. Shooting begins this Spring. Seeking all ages and types. For more details, email the Casting Department at

Check out Season One of our documentary web series STORIES FROM AN OLD STRIPPER on Blip TV! Here's an episode from Season One:

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Casting Call: THE BEACH BUM B*TCHES - Web Series!

Dixie Films is casting THE BEACH BUM B*TCHES, a comedy/drama web series about a group of homeless women who live on a Los Angeles beach. Jack Truman, Director. Shoots Spring 2012 in Los Angeles.


The Housewife: mid 30's - 40's, a middle aged former housewife, whose 2 kids are grown, living on the beach

The CEO: mid 40's - 50's, a former CEO who's lost her corporate job, and decides to leave the rat race and live on the beach

The Teen: 15 - 18 years old, an underage teenage girl, has run away from home from an abusive family, living on the beach, looks under 18

The College Girl: Late teens to early 20's, College aged girl, comes from a rich family, and an ivy league school, leaves it all to live a new life on the beach

Email submissions to

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Now Casting: Feature Film, Web Series and Commercials

Dixie Films is now casting for several projects: a new feature film, comedy web series and commercials!

To keep updated on casting, like us on Facebook at:

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Watch our award winning hit cult short documentary film THE OUTHOUSE! A Slamdance $99 Special Film. Premiered at the 2008 Slamdance Film Festival. Screened at over 100 film festivals worldwide to date...and counting:

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Casting Call for THE WALKERS

THE WALKERS is a feature film thriller about a serial killer who works in a furniture store. Steve, a furniture salesman, is the low performer in the store, unable to make sales. Most of his customers are ‘walkers’; people who leave the store without buying any merchandise. Increasingly pressured by his boss, Jennifer, a ‘bitch on wheels’; constantly picked on by his co-workers, and harassed by his customers, his sales performance becomes worse. Suddenly, customers that have walked on Steve begin to become murdered. At the same time, Steve begins to become a star performer at the store. Throughout the film, the focus is on Steve as the killer; but nothing is as it seems.

Written and Directed by Jack Truman

From the award winning film team that brought you the hit cult short film PHONE SEX GRANDMA!


Shoot begins Summer 2012 in Los Angeles. Meals, copy and credit provided. There is deferred pay.

Email submissions to

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Character Breakdown:
Ed: 25-35, Hispanic, the ultimate negative employee
Barry: 25-45, extremely obese
Max: 25-45, a nice guy, average salesperson, Steve’s best friend
Rob: 30-40, top dog salesperson
Eric: 20-30, Black, Super-salesman ‘wanna-be’
Jennifer: 25-55, Store Manager, a “Bitch on wheels”
Waitress: 35-45
Cop: 40-50
Jack: 30-45, local bartender
Businessman: 35-50, arrogant, rude
Fat Lady: 40-50, loud, nasty, the ultimate bad customer
2 Bar Groupies: Female, 20-25, Sexy
Store Customers: All ages and types